Pastors and Ministry Staff

This is special note to pastors and ministry sta ff.

As the community and individuals are coming to the realization that compulsive sexual behavior can be a real addiction, more are seeking help.
The church and their staff are often an initial place people go for help. The problem is rooted in shame and guilt and often has had an impact on the individual and the marriage.
Many are seeking help from pastors and m inistry staff at their churches.

As part of my ministry outreach I am offering free consultation services to you. If you have questions about sex addiction and/or about a particular situation, I welcome your call. My goal is to add more information about sex addiction to your skills as spiritual leaders and counselors.
There are great resources to help assess the severity of a problem. There are many community resources for help and support. There are also many Christian counselors that work with sexual addiction, recovery, effect on the partner and couples counseling.
I am also willing to meet with you, your staff or offer my own testimony or presentation at your mens groups to enhance understanding and recovery results. This is an opportunity to learn how to help and when to refer.

Not all need referrals to outside sources but all need a support system that is safe, supportive, understanding and forgiving. All need the support of prayer as well as a solid RPP (Relapse Prevention Plan) .


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